Tuesday, 11 October 2016

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.....

It snowed.

On Thanksgiving Weekend no less. Urgh. And it's staying cold for the next several days. This could be it until Spring.

And I looked at a calendar and realized I need to get moving if I'm going to finish knitting Christmas gifts for my nieces and nephew. No pictures for the obvious reason that the older two are getting to be old enough to surf the 'net.

Did I mention that it snowed?


Things continue, I cast on socks for my Mom and I really need to finish them as quickly as I can and not just because her birthday's at the beginning of December.

I restarted the sleeves for my blue sweater and I may frog them and do them again as I don't like the way they're coming out the second time either.

I think I salvaged the cotton sweater and am working better with the gauge on it.

Current Weather
Mostly cloudy -1C. And there's snow on the ground.

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