Monday, 24 October 2016


Finishing anything is proving elusive lately. The cotton hoodie just isn't going to work, I give up. At last, I stuck with this far, far too long.

Mom's birthday socks just won't finish themselves. Probably because I haven't been knitting them lately. I'm sure there's no correlation.

My blue sweater got frogged and restarted. Again. Urgh, I really hope this time it works.

I have managed a couple Christmas things. So far that's the only bright spot.

Other Stuff

I purchased a sheep skin for the critters. So far Soccer likes it best. In fact he growled at Squish for walking too close to it. No pictures of that unfortunately.

Here's Squish enjoying it before Soccer took over:

Mouse wasn't quite sure she trusted it yet:

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Mostly cloudy, 3C.

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