Saturday, 10 August 2019

A Brief Update

I hate it when blogs I follow go too long without an update. But I'm also guilty of doing exactly the same thing with my own blog. Sigh.

So, here is an update on everything currently on my needles.

Urgh. These socks are going nowhere rapidly. There's nothing wrong with them; I think the problem is that I've gotten into a new series of books, the Seaside Knitters Society Mysteries, and that's what I've been doing on my lunch break at work instead of knitting socks. Unfortunately the library doesn't carry most of this series as ebooks and I find reading a pbook harder to do while knitting; they can be hard to prop up and keep open without holding on. I don't blame the library for this situation; I blame the publishers who've made ebooks so difficult for libraries. But that's another rant entirely.

A lovely cotton/acrylic blend for a nice light weight sweater. I've already done two other sweaters using this yarn so maybe that's why this one is struggling. It's at the stage of being a good TV watching project but I have other TV projects so it gets hard to choose. It will come, just slowly.

A wool sport weight sweater, I originally planned this to be a hoodie but I'm not sure I won't change my mind at the last minute. So close to finishing the yoke and starting the sleeves. Also good TV watching.

I suck at drawing so I decided to embrace that fact and chart a primitive drawing of a bunny then knit it up in double knitting. I think it actually came out kind of cute. This will now be a slog to the end making all those checks in the checkerboard pattern. More TV watching but only shows you don't need to watch too carefully as I need to look down quite a bit when double knitting. Maybe I should try and find a podcast to listen to or something. Any recommendations?

I'm experimenting with the idea of knitting a t-shirt that will actually be a t-shirt. Possibly futile I know but I decided to try anyway. The yarn is a very light fingering weight, almost lace weight, cotton/linen blend. It feels a little rough while knitting it but the gauge swatch softened up immediately after getting wet once. Which, as I understand it, is what linen is supposed to do. And you guessed it; an excellent TV watching project at this stage.

And because all my other projects currently under way are long and slow I reached into my stash and cast on for a quick baby blanket. One day I have got to get an Etsy shop setup or something as I'm accumulating rather a lot of these lovely little blankets. Yes, yes I could have worked on the socks and got something done right away for the instant gratification factor. Your point?

I have a few other projects lying around but they're all in a time-out right now. Some because they may not work out and some because I just need a break.

Seems to have adjusted happily to being the only dog. Dogs tend to be very quick to recover when they loose someone. There is a lesson for us humans about living in the moment right there.

Current Weather
11C and cloudy. It's been up and down all summer, a couple days in the mid twenties and then back into the teens. I use the term "summer" loosely.

I had a birthday over the long weekend (the first Monday in August is a holiday here) so I am now one year older than when I last blogged.

Thursday, 25 July 2019

Willie Wallaby (again)

I just can't resist the combination of a Wee Niece who will wear the sweaters I knit and the Wonderful Wallaby pattern. Therefore, I had to make another one.

This sweater is made from an inexpensive cotton found at just about any department store or chain craft store. However, that does not make it useless yarn. Don't get me wrong, I can be a complete yarn snob when the project calls for it. But for a child who will likely be rather hard on a sweater and do things like get dirty and a mom who would prefer not to be spending time worrying about how to care for her kid's clothes you want something hard wearing and easy to clean. Cotton and acrylic fit this profile perfectly.

Pattern: Wonderful Wallaby by Carol A. Anderson
Yarn: Bernat Handicrafter Cotton Ombres & Prints in Patio Pinks
Needle: 4.5mm & 5.0mm
Gauge: 16 stitches and 22 rows = 10 cm

Since very sadly loosing Soccer earlier this week Ahab is now the only pet left. It's been pretty quiet around here. I'm not sure if he likes being an only dog or not so we're going on lots of walks (when the wind is not insane) and giving him lots of petting. I do intend to get another dog but Ahab does not like puppies so it may need to wait a while. For now, it's just us.

Current Weather
23C and sunny. Windy enough to blow you into Saskatchewan the past couple of days. It's been warm to hot but you'd never know due to the wind. Before that we got one lovely hot summer day; could be the only one we get so made sure to enjoy it.

Monday, 22 July 2019

In Loving Memory

Soccer crossed the Rainbow Bridge this morning. He was bleeding into his stomach; basically bleeding to death internally. He can rest now. He couldn't walk or wag his tail anymore so it was definitely time to rest.

In his youth Soccer wagged his tail constantly, even in his sleep. He considered a 16KM hike a good warm up and always did everything with the utmost enthusiasm. In his old he tried age to keep up the enthusiasm but it became more selected. For years I said I could power my house if I could figure out how to harness his energy. Later he could only have managed to recharged my cell phone.

He hated hoops, hoola-hoops, tires; anything circular. When I tried to teach him to sit in the middle of a hoola-hoop lying on the floor he refused to put a paw inside such a thing. When I taught him to jump through the agility tire, for months he ran around it three times to make sure it wasn't hiding anything sinister before very carefully jumping through. He almost managed to learn to play Flyball. He would run over three jumps until he was bleeding from the nose but refused to run over four jumps. He could be incredibly stubborn.

He was taken from his mom too young and as a consequence had socialization problems all his life; then was abandoned by at least one, more likely two or even more families before he came to me. I promised him I would never leave him. I kept that promise and was right beside him as he left this world.

Monday, 15 July 2019

A Wee Sweater

A wee sweater for my Wee Niece in Scotland. Mostly this was improvised but I did go to for some of the numbers; it's mostly a gansey but I modified the yoke a bit so it can button up. The buttons are hard to see in the picture because they're clear, I couldn't find anything that went with this colour so clear seemed like a good choice.

Pattern: Improvised
Yarn: King Cole Cotton Top DK in Rose
Needle: 4.0mm & 4.5mm
Gauge: 20 stitches and 29 rows = 10 cm

And then I cast on for another Wallaby - Willie Wallaby - for her because I just can't resist. I have to take advantage of not being extremely uncool while I can. It won't last forever.

Current Weather
20C and mostly cloudy. Excellent weather for the Calgary Stampede this year, hot but not too hot and no vicious thunderstorms hit the city. Tragedy at the chuck wagon racing though with 6 horses dying, I feel for the drivers; those horses are like family to them.

Thursday, 20 June 2019

Star Wars Scarf II

I made a second Star Wars Scarf. This time I made sure I had enough yarn to include all the motifs. When you do that it comes out really long. Not Doctor Who Scarf long but plenty long. I absolutely love it; the yarn is super duper soft and the pattern is just too cool for school.

Pattern: Star Wars Scarf by Jessica Goddard
Yarn: Knit Picks Gloss DK in Cream and Navy
Needle: 4.0mm
Gauge: not critical

The Adorable Ahab is photobombing

Wordless Wednesdays
I have basically stopped Wordless Wednesdays for now because ever since Mouse passed away I'm not inspired to take pictures of amazing cuteness. Someday I may get back into it.

Current Weather
11C with light showers. The weekend looks miserable and I'm going camping, OK glamping; but still.

Saturday, 8 June 2019

Ash Vest

Finished my new Ash Vest, when I started out I wasn't sure if I had enough yarn for a sweater so I left the option to make this a vest open until the end. Didn't have enough yarn for sleeves so it's a vest.

Pattern: Improvised
Yarn: Brown Sheep Nature Spun Sport in Ash
Needle: 2.5mm & 2.75mm
Gauge: 23 Stitches / 10cm

Current Weather
15C and mostly cloudy.

Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Douglas Fir Sweater

Another fingering weight sweater, these take quite a bit of time but they are worth the labour when the time comes to wear them. I just checked, this one was 70 days from cast on to cast off, I will leave it to you to decide if that's a long time or not.

So far I love it, soft and squishy and not too warm for indoors. The "not to warm" part is becoming more important lately. Sigh.

Pattern: Improvised
Yarn: Knit Picks Comfy Fingering Weight in Douglas Fir
Needle: 2.25mm & 2.75mm
Gauge: 31 stitches and 46 rows = 10 cm

Other Knitting
Progress continues on my Star Wars Scarf, it's a bit further along than this picture but I am too lazy to take another one right now.

My latest socks have stalled, not enough meetings at work lately I guess. Another wool sweater progresses slowly and I cast on for a t-shirt. Lots on the go as usual.

Now I just need something to watch on Netflix while I knit. I Just finished Lucifer on the weekend and I have no idea what to try next.

Current Weather
7C and raining. Cold and wet here in the southern part of the province and wildfire season started early up north.