Sunday, 18 September 2016

A Scent Hurdle Day

Ahab rocked the Sent Hurdling on Saturday afternoon. He struggled a lot in the morning but that was not unexpected by me or anyone else on the team due to the fact that we were running outside on grass and he's never done that before.

We tried to schedule some outdoor practices this summer but every time we ended up cancelling due to a thunderstorm. Not unusual for summer in this part of the world but frustrating never the less. Unfortunately, this did mean that Ahab never got a chance to learn to play Scent Hurdle on grass. Wonderful, distracting grass; it has so many lovely smells......

It was clear from the beginning that Ahab was having a hard time understanding that he was there to play Scent Hurdle and not to sniff the grass. However, as a team we decided to let him keep trying. There are not many sports you can play with your dog that will tolerate, much less encourage, you to train your dog during an event, this is just another reason to love Scent Hurdle. This did mean that everyone else on my team had to sacrifice the chance at points for their dogs and I'm very grateful that they did because after a few runs with me going with him to the box it suddenly clicked for him. Ahab is like that, when he "gets" something it's like a switch goes off in his brain.

The first time he managed a clean run everyone; and I mean everyone on my team, on the other team we were racing against (they had finished their run), and all the spectators watching gave him a big cheer. It was extremely touching. There might have been a tear in my eye; it could have been the wind.

Not much to report on the knitting front. Progress continues on the Cotton Hoodie, a blue sweater, a pair of socks, and a vest. But, not enough for interesting pictures.

Current Weather
15C and mostly cloudy. Fall is in the air and all the leaves are turning. Soon it will be winter again.

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