Tuesday, 23 May 2017

A Wee Blue Sweater

Finished another sweater for my Wee Niece. Mostly started this in order to procrastinate on finishing my Scottish Sister's sweater. I've fallen out of love with cables. Loving this little v-neck though. Just a basic bottom-up raglan-shaped v-neck sweater. Totally my favorite kind of sweater and not just because I'm not a fan of sewing. Well, OK; mostly because I'm not a fan of sewing.

Chest measurement is 24 inches which according to the internet should fit a 2 year old. I really wish she lived closer so I could see it on her sooner. I'd also have a better idea of what would fit her if she lived closer. Oh well, maybe someday. Of course, someday she'll be a teenager and probably hate the idea of wearing something her Aunt made for her. Mind, my other Niece and Nephew like the socks I knit them but those are easily hidden in ski boots; plus my Sister won't let them wear them to school on the grounds that you should not wear hand knit socks without shoes while walking around on a school floor. I understand they end up taking their shoes off a lot at school. There is logic there.

Pattern: Improvised bottom-up raglan-shaped
Yarn: Loops & Threads Snuggly Wuggly Big! in Baby Denim Marl
Needle: 4.0mm
Gauge: 21 stitches and 29 rows = 10 cm

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