Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Not a New Year's Resolution

There was a dude, I have no idea what his name is and I'm not looking it up, on the Marilyn Denis Show this morning talking about how almost no one ever keeps New Year's resolutions. I've heard this before and I never bother to make them because I know I'll never keep them. But he talked about having a word for the year instead. I admit that makes more sense to me than a massive, vague goal you will never keep.

So, I'm taking the word "finishing" for this year. I'm going to finish the WIPs lingering from last year, including the sweaters I promised my Mom and my Sister in Scotland.

This is the year of finishing!

I'm currently working on finishing my Nephew's birthday socks. No pictures for now.

Current Weather
-7C and cloudy. The warm spell is over and the temperature has dropped back below freezing. It was inevitable. Soccer is not a happy dog; he's feeling the cold a lot this winter. Poor old pup.

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