Thursday, 12 October 2017

The Most Boring Update Ever

There's not much to report on lately, hence the string of Wordless Wednesdays.

Knitting progresses on many projects, including a Christmas gift for my Nephew. But none are really worth taking a picture of at the moment. And my Nephew is getting old enough to be on the internet, although I don't think he knows this blog exists. Still, best not to take chances.

I've decided to use the yarn I bought for a large loom knitting blanket project that didn't work out for a double knitting blanket project instead. (Because I totally needed another project on the go.) I had to abandon the loom knitting as what I wanted to do required a loom too large to use without some kind of stand. I'm letting the stand idea sit in the back of my mind for now. But double knitting produces a very similar fabric, at least for two colours. Also sitting in the back of my mind is whether or not you can double knit with more than two colours in the row. Stripes are obviously possible but I was thinking of multiple colours within the row. Haven't found anything on YouTube but that doesn't necessarily mean anything.

The Fence

The fence was replaced last week. The contractor did a good job and it only took them three working days to complete. It did take five calendar days because of a Sunday and a wind storm during construction. Boy did I miss being able to just open the back door and let the dogs out together, for days I had to carefully let them out one at a time on a rope otherwise they'd have been happily off exploring the entire neighbourhood.

old fence gone

new fence
That wind storm really did a number on the fall leaves.

Cat News

In somewhat sadder news Mouse has had a couple of pancreatitis episodes over the past month. The last one was really bad, the poor cat was clearly in a lot of pain. We ended up at the emergency vet after she had vomited half a dozen times and started passing loose bloody stool while lying on her side. She's on some pain and antacid drugs now. She seems OK but it took almost three days before she wanted to eat much. She's still not eating a lot at a time but she is eating a lot of small meals throughout the day.

Current Weather

-1C and cloudy. Fall has truly arrived, there's snow on the back deck.

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