Monday, 24 April 2017

Further Developments

So I'm still experimenting with Loom Knitting. I really, really want to use this technique to make blankets. Blankets big enough for a bed spread if possible. I have combined my two looms together to make one that should be large enough for a baby's crib.

Yes, those are horse shoes.

But I'm not sure this can go any larger. It's not really meant to be even this big so I'm having to do some improvising. For one thing I had to use a sponge, just a regular square one you get to clean with, to keep the loom from closing up in the middle until I had some fabric that could keep it open.

I also started using a straw as a yarn guide to make sure I'm keeping my stitches nice and loose. I tried without using a yarn guide and the stitches got too tight to work and I could not keep the middle of the loom open enough to pass the completed fabric down through it even with my helpful sponge.

This project has two strands of worsted weight (4) yarn held together. On a smaller project the fabric was a bit too stiff but it seems OK at this size.

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