Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Snow Day

There was a large dump of snow here, about 25 cm, and I couldn't get out of the driveway yesterday due to the ice on the street (it's a hill) so, since I'm not setup to work from home, I (mostly) finished my Wee Niece's second Mauve Wallaby. Finished off the Kitchener Stitch this evening.

I just can't get enough of this pattern, it's truly Wonderful! Modified to use sport weight yarn so the gauge is nothing close to what the pattern calls for, I think it came out nicely though. Should be the right size(ish) for an almost 2 year old. Whatever will I do when she's too cool to wear hand knit sweaters?

Pattern: Wonderful Wallaby
Yarn: Snuggly Wuggly Big!
Needle: 3mm and 4mm
Gauge: 21 stitches and 28 rows = 10 cm

Current Weather
-26C and clear. That's COLD no matter how you slice it. And it's going to get COLDER overnight with no clouds to hold in some heat. The streets are terribly icy, especial in intersections, and the city still hasn't finished plowing. Ugh, already I can't wait for Spring.

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