Saturday, 20 August 2016

A Dragon

I finished knitting a dragon today. Heh, that's definitely a nifty sentence.

The picture doesn't show it well but he yarn is very sparkly so he shimmers a bit when the light moves. This yarn is a bit scratchy but I think it makes for a fine dragon. They're supposed to have scales after all. Some of the dragons made from this pattern have contrast coloured spines and wings but I decided to make him a solid. I have a feeling I'll make this pattern many more times as it is just so darn cute. Maybe future dragons will have contrasting colours.

Pattern: Tarragon the Gentle Dragon by Knit-a- Zoo
Yarn: Unknown Sparkly Red from the Stash
Needle: 3.25mm
Guage: not critical but you want it to be fairly tight.

A Dragon!
Other projects are continuing. Firecracker is about half done and I can't wait to have a chance to wear it. It's wonderfully soft. I have to keep reminding myself that summer doesn't last long and they'll be plenty of time to wear sweaters. Sometimes is surprisingly hard. This has been a wonderful project for watching the Olympics with as it's all stockinette stitch in the round. Lovely.

Pennants continues as well but it involves counting so progress is slow during the Olympics when knitting and TV watching must go together.

Not sure if I'm going to finish the cotton sweater; something about the gauge is not working for me.

And socks are at an awful low spot.

Current Weather
Cloudy and 24C.

It's been a few days without rain which has been unusual for the past few weeks. Hopefully the farmers can harvest.

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