Sunday, 3 July 2016


Well, I missed posting on Canada Day. But that's OK because The Yarn Harlot did such a lovely job there's just no way for me to compete anyway.

For myself, I spent Canada Day at an outdoor Scent Hurdle tournament getting sunburned. I wore a hat with a wide brim all around my head and still managed to sunburn my neck and face. We won't even talk about my poor forearms where my t-shirt ended. What can I say, I'm just a special kind of Pale.

Ahab didn't do well at this tournament. It was his first time running on grass, we haven't even practiced on grass, and he decided that the tree at the end of the yard was far more interesting than playing Scent Hurdle. I pulled him after that. The team has an outdoor practice coming up so he can work on his focus while on grass.

Soccer went with us to the tournament as otherwise he'd have been stuck at home alone for many, many hours. There was a pond at the site so there was no way I was going home with a dry dog, he was in and out of the pond every time I let him run around. At one point I saw Ahab climbing out of the pond too, he must have slipped and fallen in as he'd never voluntarily jump into a pond. He didn't look impressed with the situation.


Everything continues, joined the final ball of yarn for Hazelnut last night and I'm in a slight panic that I won't have enough even though all the math says I should. Nothing for it but to soldier on. And hope. Maybe I should email KnitPicks and see if they have any left in that dye lot......

Gave my sister her birthday socks. She's not a big sock wearer but she does plan to take them with her on vacation to Scotland so I'm calling that a win.

Current Weather
Mostly cloudy, 22C.

Generally, it's been hot with a thunderstorm in the evening. Typical for summer in this part of the world.

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